Leo Kozlowski and James E. Webb, company co-founders

Leo Kozlowski and James E. Webb,
company co-founders

David Kozlowski, General Manager


In 1989 we were oil refinery firefighters. At oil refineries, sandbagging is the customary procedure to temporarily seal potentially explosive process sewer drains during hotwork. But sandbagging can be a messy, drain-fouling, labor-intensive technique. We talked of a better way. Eventually we came up with our Orignial Inserts. that was the beginning of NsertAseal. NsertAseal incorporated in 1991. Since then, our line of vapor missions control and fire safety products has expanded significantly.

NsertAseal Corporation still sells Original Inserts, but our main focus now involves retrofitting sewer systems with water seals that are semi-permanently caulked or grouted into place. These seals allow waste fluid to pass through drains into the sewer system normally, but stop fugitive emissions from leaching back out into the atmosphere.

Our drain seals help the petrochemical industry comply with regulatory mandates and contribute to a safe, odor-free work environment. Our standard inventory Vertical Pipe Trap (VPT) inserts are for sealing standard drain openings. To solve unique drain problems, we produce custom VPT designs. We also design and fabricate large seals for junction boxes, catch basins, manholes, and vent pipes.

Our primary business goal has always been simple: To satisfy our customers with drain sealing devices that save money, save time, and work better than anything else available.