Box Traps, like extremely large or odd-sized VPT's, are custom designed to your specifications. After collecting precise measurements, our fabrication team adapts the water trap concept to each particular installation. In all cases, an NsertAseal representative works with your plant personnel to produce the best solution to your vapor control problems.

Box Traps can be designed to permanently replace your existing manhole and catch basin covers, or to sit below them. Box Traps can be caulked into place or supplied with soft compressible gaskets which create a vapor-tight seal between the insert and the surrounding structure. Often existing grates can be reused.

Box Traps

Using the NsertAseal Box Trap, your drain or catch basin can be retrofitted with a water trap at a fraction of the cost associated with removal and re-piping of the existing assembly. Box Traps are usually constructed with a weir system which traps a minimum three-inch column of water to control emissions, and a cleanout port for easy removal of any sediment that may build up within the trap.

Where oddly shaped drain openings, catch basins, junction boxes, and other sewer collection points present vapor emissions problems, the custom-made Box Trap is the answer. There are no large-size sewer drain emissions problems for which we cannot find a custom solution.