When old systems have to be brought into regulatory compliance, our products can save refineries time, money, and space. NsertAseal inserts can also be used in new construction applications at a fraction of the cost and space requirements of conventional fittings when water seal vapor barriers are needed. Most NsertAseal products are designed to be caulked into existing drain systems without labor intensive installation procedures. For most emissions problems we have off-the-shelf solutions. When unique solutions are required, we create custom products to do the job.

The innovative, patented VPT was developed to enable industry to meet the latest environmental control standards more conveniently and less expensively that other means available. A three-inch column of water held inside the VPT stops vapors from escaping through the process drain. VPT's are designed for easy installation and maintenance. Most drains can be retrofitted in a few minutes.

A custom made VPT for a large opening (3 ft. diameter)

Installation of the VPT is as simple and effective as the design. Using commonly available materials, VPT's are simply caulked into the existing drain hub or shaft. Silicone or latex-based caulks allow for the periodic removal of the unit, while urethane-based caulk assures a more permanent installation. For those applications requiring an insert to be welded into place, we have available our Weld VPT, made of more easily weld able carbon steel rather than cast iron, and featuring a standard weld bevel around its lower diameter.

The VPT is available in a number of standard sizes and configurations to fit most standard industrial sewer drain configurations. Our standard inventory of VPT's are made of powder-coated cast iron, but we can cast from other materials such as NiResist, stainless steel, and aluminum, as our customers' special needs require. We also design, mold, and cast custom designs for special applications.

VPT's allow normal use of drains, yet prevent the escape of fugitive emissions from sewer systems. VPT's are easy to install and maintain. Our VPT process sewer drain seals help the petrochemical industry comply with regulatory mandates and contribute to a safe, odor-free work environment.

Where oddly shaped drain openings, catch basins, junction boxes, and other sewer collection points present vapor emissions problems, the Box Trap is the answer. The Box Trap, an extension of the VPT, was developed to provide a water seal for process sewer drain openings too large to fit with a VPT.